McCoy-Miller and Marque Ambulances – Nationwide

We are very pleased with the results. This technology far exceeds the current methods of infection control and we are excited to offer this technology on our McCoy Miller, Marque and Premiere lines." (Director of Operations, SJC Industries)


Pizza Hut – Almeria, Spain

It is very gratifying to have experienced a progressive change in the air quality of our restaurant, with the elimination of odors and food smell from clothing. At the moment, we are receiving many compliments from our clientele on the freshness of the air, and the absence of food odor inside our establishment. Thus, we recommend the use of these purifiers as an effective system. Our personal experience has been excellent.

McDonald’s Restaurant – Sao Paolo, Brazil

A McDonald’s restaurant in the middle of a busy residential neighborhood in Sao Paolo, Brazil was in danger of being fined $300,000.00. The restaurant was venting kitchen exhaust into the neighborhood, which led to many complaints from the residents. When Air Scrubber Plus technology was introduced, the odor problem was completely eliminated.

Seara Poultry Processing Plant – Brazil

Complete elimination of the Listeria Monocytogenes bacteria from the air and the factory equipment surfaces at one of the largest food processing plants in the country.

Hospital La Paz – Madrid, Spain

This hospital had many problems with particles and micro-organism concentration in their newborn unit. The hospital has had no micro-organism outbreak in the newborn unit since the installation of the Air Scrubber Plus technology.

Chamindade Jullenne School – Dayton, OH

A school in Dayton, Ohio was having serious issues with staph infections in their athletic department. After the Air Scrubber Plus technology was installed, the number of cases of staph went down from 14 cases to 0 cases.