joy williams

Joy Williams

What a difference Air Scrubber Plus has made! We can breathe SO MUCH EASIER with no sneezing fits. It allows both of us to sleep better without all that nasal stuffiness that often kept us awake. As an extra bonus, it automatically clears odors from the air – odors like our cat box, smokers, cooking, etc. We love the Air Scrubber Plus and all it does and happily recommend it to anyone and everyone.

teressa wickham

Teressa Wickham
OC, California

There is only one word to accurately describe the Air Scrubber Plus … amazing! I suffer from allergies including dust, cat dander and fragrances and have a daughter who loves her cat and her perfume. After putting an Air Scrubber Plus in my home, I am able to enjoy the comfort of my own home without suffering from any sort of migraine, congestion or frustration. I love this unit and would recommend it to anyone who suffers from allergies or anyone who wants clean, sanitized air in their home.

keith davern

Keith Davern
Tucson, Arizona

My relationship with Air Scrubber Plus technology started two years ago. I’m a homebuilder. I was involved in a new home project in Arizona and I wanted to distinguish our homes as environmentally superior. The results were above our expectations. Our clients loved the idea of killing germs, ridding the house of pet and cooking odors, and minimizing dust and debris in their AC/heating systems. We are installing Air Scrubber Plus in all our new homes now.

bob curran

Bob Curran
Van Nuys, California

Within about a few weeks of installing the Air Scrubber Plus, I noticed my wife Julie’s asthma was noticeably improving and she was using her spray inhaler significantly less. Also, our cooking odors rarely lingered in the air anymore and we didn’t have that familiar ‘dogs in residence’ telltale smell either. Julie says this is the best thing we have done for our house and our health for a very long time, and we never want to live without the Air Scrubber Plus.

rick cubas

Rick Cubas
Corona, California

Being in the HVAC industry for over 16 years now has exposed me to every so called indoor air quality product on the planet -- most which have little to no effect on indoor air quality. From zero sick days in my household to breathing better and even sleeping better Air Scrubber Plus is definitely coming through on its promises. We love coming into our home after being away for a few hours and walking into a blast of fresh air as soon as we open the door!