The benefits reaped by these two features—the antimicrobial agents and clumping capability—have been proven by a peer-reviewed scientific study, says Lozano. The Kansas State University study showed that ActivePure Technology reduced an indoor environment’s amount of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, by 99.8 percent and E. coli by 98.1 percent. The study also demonstrated similar effectiveness in neutralizing black mold and other potentially dangerous pathogens.

While the company is careful not to make any medical claims, Lozano mentions some of the many positive responses he’s received from customers. In one story, a woman was so allergic to cats that she wasn’t able to stay at her daughter’s house for longer than 30 minutes at a time. One day, her husband installed an Air Scrubber Plus without her knowing. “On Super Bowl Sunday, she’s hanging out at her daughter’s for four hours and says, ‘Hey what’s going on?’” he says. “She was surprised by how well she was feeling.”

The Air Scrubber Plus is really improving people’s lives.
— Tom Lozano, Aerun Holdings

Besides making people feel better, Lozano says the technology also helps extend the life of a home’s HVAC system. As particles clump around the charged clusters, or “friendly cleaners,” they become too large to escape the system’s filter, which means they’re not able to go on and damage coils and blowers needed to help keep the system running effectively. “This translates to savings on your utility bills and reduces the chances of needing expensive repairs,” Lozano says.

And it all started with the agency’s need for keeping plants fresh in space. “NASA is to thank for laying the foundation for a breakthrough product in indoor air quality,” Lozano says. “The Air Scrubber Plus is really improving people’s lives.”